Who we are?

Latvian Association of Political Scientists (LPb) is a non-governmental organizational joining political scientists. It was established back in 2003 as a professional organization aimed to promote development of political science.
Currently, there are more than 40 members in the Association actively taking part in the promotion of political sciences and educating general public on political processes in Latvian and in the world.
Considerable amount of our members are employed in the education sector, therefore improvement of teaching political sciences is one of the priorities for the Association.
The researchers of the Association have always been interested in issues related to EU and its various policies.
The long term cooperation with EC Representation in Latvia, European Parliament, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Nordic Council of Ministers has resulted in the researches published in the books “Baltic Sea region after EU enlargement: the scenarios of development”, “European Parliament: the implementation of common foreign and security policy”, “Good governance”.
The latest project implemented by the Association is publishing of the e-journal “Interests of Latvia in EU” in cooperation with Information Bureau of European Parliament and EC Representation in Latvia. It is expected the e-journal will be issues once in the three month.


Biedriba “Latvijas Politologu biedriba”
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European Commission Representation in Latvia

Nordic Council of Ministers

Eiropas Parlamenta Informācijas birojs Latvijā

Ministry of Forgein Affairs Republic of Latvia
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